Communications Workshops

Convergent Conversations

Convergent Conversations is a series of workshops designed to help teams improve communication and entrepreneurs to increase sales and improve customer service. Using assessments such as Personality Styles and Work and What's My Communication Style, we identify communication preferences and learn to flex in order to work more effectively with others.

Powerful Presentations

You may have heard of "Death by PowerPoint." Actually, Keynote or any other presentation delivery system can create jumbled and ineffective presentations. In this workshop, you'll learn how to create a presentation that is attendee-focused for maximum learning.

Instructional Design Workshops

Teach What You Know to Make Sales Easier

When you share your knowledge, you establish expertise and sales come easier. This class teaches you how to get started and also incorporates Selling Strategies designed to help entrepreneurs increase sales and improve customer relationships.

How to Build an Online Course

Whether delivered via live webinar or online meeting or automated using a Learning Management System (LMS), there are strategies for creating online course content that help you deliver a positive user experience where real learning takes place. This workshop provides the basic and helps you get started building your online course.

How to Build Classes, Workshops, and Seminars

While many of the educational basics are the same for live and online courses, there are differences. This workshop is designed to help you create live classes to maximize student learning and engagement.

How to Build an Online Learning Platform

This technical workshop is designed to help developers or Do-it-Yourselfers learn to create a Learning Platform using WordPress plugins.

Personality Styles at Work Information

Personality Styles at Work assessments and other assessments used in my workshops are copyrighted by HRDQ. I am a certified provider of these tools.


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