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Have you ever been told that you're weak in something - maybe math or English? Were you then told you need to focus on fixing that? In the Strengths Movement, we look at things a bit differently.

CliftonStrengths, also known as StrengthsFinder, was created by Don Clifton (1924-2003) - credited as the father of Positive Psychology. His theory was that we can only move the needle up a small amount when focusing on our weaknesses. When we focus on our strengths, we can achieve so much more.

He then created the StrengthsFinder Assessment which allows you to find your strengths and double-down on using them to do great things.

Find Your Strengths

Finding your strengths is as easy as taking a quick assessment. There are two levels of understanding. Most people start with their Top 5. This gives you the top areas of strengths to focus on. In all there are 34 items starting with your top strengths and ending with areas that are not as strong.

After mastering your Top 5, looking at the full 34 can be very beneficial.

July Episode of Spotlight Magazine

If you live on Florida's Space Coast, you may have read my article in the July episode of Spotlight Magazine.

Space Coast Stories Podcast on My Strengths

In July 2019, I published a podcast with more strengths information including how I use my Top 5 Strengths. You can listen at SpaceCoastStories.com/StrengthsSuccess or in your favorite podcast player. My favorite is Overcast.

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