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The launch of Radical Rapport has been postponed. The future date will be determined soon.

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The Radical Rapport Workshop is coming soon!

Are you ready for a workshop designed to help you maximize your networking efforts?

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Kim Talks About the Workshop

Bonuses Galore!

This workshop includes several bonuses.

  • First, because I'm recording it for some of my marketing purposes, I'm discounting the course $100.00. You'll get it for only $99 instead of the regular $199.00.
  • This isn't a passive lecture for you to sit back take in. It's a workshop where you'll be actively creating your own Rapport Systems. Training materials are included valued at $100.00
  • Each participant receives an, optional, private strategy session with me designed to help you further develop your system. - $250.00 value
  • Giveaways and extra bonuses will be revealed during the class.


About Your Instructor

I'm Kim Shivler M.Ed. I've been a trainer, Instructional Designer, and writer for over 20 years. Many people know me as a technical trainer with a knack for making technical topics easy for the non-technical user. In the WordPress community, I'm also known as The Online Course Lady because for the past 3 years I've combined my technical skills with my Master's Degree in Education to help people build educationally sound online courses.

What some don't realize is that I also teach business and communication skills to company teams and entrepreneurs. My current Communications Programs and Protocols started from workshops I led as part of one of IBM's worldwide teams.

Please join me and learn to maximize Communication Skills for your business and life.

Want a little more?

Take a look at some of what we'll explore in this session and see how successful communication can make huge differences in our lives and the world around us.

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