Instructional Design Consulting

Do you want to create an online course, a speech, or local workshop in order to build your business?

Does it sometimes feel daunting. You want to get it done, but never seem to do so?

My services allow entrepreneurs and teams to leverage 30+ years of instructional design and teaching experience to create their best course with less stress and overwhelm.

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Why Create an Online Course or Live Workshop?

Online courses and workshops can benefit your business in many ways. They can help you build an audience, establish credibility, and increase revenue both directly - when sold and indirectly when used as a sales tool.

Courses and Workshops as direct Revenue Streams

With the hype about online courses from the internet marketing community, many people see this as the Holy Grail of passive income. While online courses can be a valid source of revenue, as with most things touted as "get rich quick" miracles, they are not guaranteed wealth.

If you create a quality course, and find the right audience for your course, it can provide semi-passive income for your business. I say semi-passive because the best courses provide some level of interaction with you, the expert. Whether it's email support or bonus webinars with opportunities for Q and A, offer access to your expertise to create happy students/customers willing to pursue additional opportunities to work with you.

Courses and Workshops as Sales Tools

Courses and workshops can serve as sales tools for your business in several ways.

Teaching what you know allows you to establish expertise in your field. It helps people trust your knowledge and get to know you. When people know you and trust your knowledge, they want to work with you. This makes selling easier.

Students from online courses and workshops may pursue opportunities to work with you further and purchase other products or services.

Depending on your programs, online courses and workshops may be exactly what you need to build your business.

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