Speeches, Pitches and Presentations – Workshop October 26, 2018

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What do you do?

In business, you may be asked this frequently. What's your answer?


Join me for Speeches, Pitches, and Presentations, a free Lunch and Learn, to create and tweak your 8 Second Introduction, 30 Second Elevator Pitch and 5 Minute Spotlight Presentation.

In this class, you'll discover...

The Problem with Most Slide Decks

You'll learn to identify the problems with most slide decks and how they interfere with getting your message to your audience. You'll then learn how to fix them in order to engage and connect with your audience.

How to Craft Your Message

The average attention span is 8 minutes. We'll craft a message that tells what you do in that time.

Be a Star in 30 Seconds

30 Seconds is longer than you think when your pitch is fine tuned. Learn how to nail the 30 second networking introduction.

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About Your Instructor

I'm Kim Shivler M.Ed. I've been a trainer, Instructional Designer, and writer for over 20 years. Many people know me as a technical trainer with a knack for making technical topics easy for the non-technical user. In the WordPress community, I'm also known as The Online Course Lady because for the past 3 years I've combined my technical skills with my Master's Degree in Education to help people build educationally sound online courses.

What some don't realize is that I also teach business and communication skills to company teams and entrepreneurs. My current Communications Programs and Protocols started from workshops I led as part of one of IBM's worldwide teams.

Please join me and learn to maximize Communication Skills for your business and life.

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Want a little more?

Take a look at some of what we'll explore in this session and see how successful communication can make huge differences in our lives and the world around us.

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