Are you a 55+ woman looking to create a business where you can work remotely and select the services and number of hours you want to work?

My name is Kim Shivler. As a business and technology instructor and coach with 30+ years experience, I help other women, who didn't grow up with cell phones and computers in their hands from birth, learn to build remote virtual assistant and virtual services businesses, and have some fun in the process.

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Virtual Assistant and Virtual Services FAQs

Virtual Assistants provide virtual services ranging from basic administrative tasks like managing emails and calendars to helping with social media and images and even full-scale project management.

Have Questions? Ask Me Anything.

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Connect on Social


So far, I have been most active on Facebook, although still not working weekly. Join me the week of September 12 for weekly updates including free classes.

Facebook Page


Instagram is a platform where I am just getting started. As with Facebook, I'll be adding more, including Stories, to Instagram starting the week of September 12, 2022.


YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel includes all of the videos for my Blog Posts and the full posts, which you'll find in the descriptions, have more details.


You Can Also Join Me on the Blog

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I love how Kim explains things in a way that makes me know I can move forward and accomplish what she teaches with success.


—Kerry M


I put this to work right away.


— Student from initial What is the Virtual Opportunity Class 2020


I think I can do this even though I never had a business before.


Student from free How to Start a Small Business 101 Webinar

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