I bring over 30 years experience in business and technology training, coaching, and execution in corporate America and as a small business owner to help you...

build a remote business;

leverage your strengths to improve your business and life;

understand and embrace communication styles to build strong teams;

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Coaching Programs


Are you ready to experience breakthrough success in your career or business?  Finding and focusing on your Strengths allows you to accomplish more with less stress.


What do you want your business to look like? I help you Define what you want, Plan for achieving it, and Execute to Success! 



Is your message clear? I work with engineers to help them clarify their message to work better with non-technical teams, customers, and marketing agencies.



You have your slide deck. Now it's time to get up on your feet and prepare to deliver the best technical presentation, ever.



Workshops for Individuals and Teams

Two Tracks Available - Individual or Corporate Teams - Pick Your Track

For Individual's

Are You Building or Want to Build a Virtual Assistant Business?

Virtual Assistants help their customers with a variety of tasks from organizing email to posting on social media.

This type of business is in demand and a great way to launch yourself into the world of the self-employed and work anywhere.

Learn more about Your Opportunity to build a successful Virtual Assistant Business at VirtualAssistantOpportunity.com.

For Corporate Teams

Are your teams Successful or Scattered?

Successful teamwork and communication can increase sales, improve customer service, and create a stellar work environment where productivity soars and angst eases.

By implementing specific strategies and behaviors, you can build an environment for success > sales > and satisfaction.

Highlight Reel from one of my Communication Programs

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Celebrating 30 Years as an Instructor, Instructional Designer and Communications Strategist

My customers include Professional Services teams, Tech Startups pitching to investors, Universities, and Technical Teams who work with non-technical teams.

A Sample of Past Workshops

Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce

Ethical Selling Presentation for the 2019 Better Business Council Luncheon.

View the PDF Flyer

Florida Tech

Presented a workshop on creating and delivering presentations as part of the Library's GradTrak.

View the PDF Flyer

Local TDBank Team

Custom workshop on how to Create and Deliver Value Statements.




I love how Kim explains things in a way that makes me know I can move forward and accomplish what she teaches with success.


—Kerry M


Inspiring and actionable. This was just what I needed.


— Jeff B


Understanding our Communication Styles and how to work with other styles, helped us stop the "Blame Game" in our teams.


Mid-size Corporate Customer

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